What is this about?

Starseed is a gay porn space opera – you either perked up or you didn’t.

I need more information! What’s the plot?

Starseed is an ongoing series about the experimental ship Starseed. The captain of the ship, Nalik, just started a relationship with the ship’s Legionnaire observer, Jesen, a few weeks before the first page. They and the crew go on adventures.

Who are you people?

RM Rhodes is a novelist who turned to graphic novels years ago and never looked back. He writes Starseed and can be easily located in a crowded convention because he’s the one in the purple suit.

Sarah P is a scifi/fantasy/mythology illustrator who loves all gayness and wants nothing more than to draw dicks all day. She pencils, inks, letters and colors everything that has to do with Starseed.

What’s next for Starseed?

Starseed is presented in black and white on the web and full color in print. Our plan is to sell the printed copies online and at various conventions. In the long run, we’d really enjoy getting paid to produce Starseed, because we really enjoy creating it.